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Welcome! This is where you will come for additional information about the world our campaign takes place in. If you've looked at our other campaign, you'll notice the world is the same. There might be some crossovers between our two groups as the adventure continues! More information will be posted here as you explore the world. If you have picked your homeland, you will also be able to see additional information here that is know to just your character.


Lucia is the only known landmass on the world of Helibore. The continent is surrounded by the Freehn Ocean. The largest body of water found on the continent is the Knult Sea, which is bordered by Bargel, Tyga, Orozco, and Sandual. Many, many generations ago, Lucia was a land of conflict and chaos. But a group rose and brought order to the continent. They divided the land into 9 countries, and installed royal families to rule those areas. The continent has been mostly peaceful ever since, but in the past few decades the ruling families have become more distant and the countries more isolated.


Bargel: This is a kingdom of Dwarves. It is full of mountainous terrain and great riches, though export out of the country has dwindled for several years. Thane Ballax Priven & Queen Jaygania are the current ruling monarchs.

Liu: Liu is a forest land occupied by mostly gnomes. It has a rich economy of exporting goods and materials across the Molocke Mountains into Rivas, but doesn't see many visitors; in fact, no outsider has ever seen the hidden captial city. It is ruled by Zebreth Hyan, the latest in a long line of gnome druids.

Nayeli: This is the land of the Llama Lords. The noble people have lived in this hill country and over generations have bred and trained battle llamas. They dare anyone to laugh at their fierce war beasts. High Lord Baris Tyvoth rules.

Orozco: This is the largest country in size of area, and is made up of giant farms run cooperatively by different halfling families. Each family sends a  representative to the Economic Council of Orozco (ECO) which helps guide the Slatevenners, the royal family. Different family members serve as CEO of the council at different times. This country is very open to foreigners, often hiring individuals from other countries to work as laborers on the farms.

Reida: This is the elvish Kingdom. While it is one country, it is ruled by two royal families and has two capital cities. The capital Gura is led by the high elf queen Syvaltia and the capital Cora is ruled by the drow queen Kayat. Reida has always had a tightly controlled border, but diplomatic relations with Rivas (travelers can pass through by obtaining visas from Rivas customs). Recently, there has been rumors that the border is closed due to a civil war.

Rivas: Rivas is the most prosperous of the human realms. After suffering tragedy, King Dhakus sent his children off to be kept safe in foster families. The country just celebrated the children's safe return, but the celebration was interrupted by an attack on the royal family. King Dhakus still rules, but the royal heirs have not been seen since the attack.

Sandual: This country of mostly arid plains is home to many different nomadic tribes.  All the tribes swear allegiance to the Shaman Urnaya Lashwhip.

Tyga: People don't travel to Tyga. That's where the orcs dwell. They are led by the Warlord Freeda Bash. The only emissaries who survive diplomatic missions to this territory are the ones who manage not to laugh at her name.

Vega: Little is known about Vega other than the fact it is the sanctuary lands of the sorcerers. They don't take kindly to visitors. In fact, the entire country is surrounded by a wall of fire, a hundred feet high. Only initiates can enter and few if any ever leave.

Main Page

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